Our business is to provide the highest quality training solutions to Polish and international companies.

From the beginning we focus on innovation. As one of the first on the Polish market we have introduced to our offer training with original games. From year to year we expand our offer, making sure that it meets the needs of our clients. We act comprehensively. Our trainings help develop managerial, commercial and personal competencies. Our trainings help develop managerial, commercial and personal competencies. We organize interesting events for small groups and for entire organizations.

Our services are used by international corporations and production companies. We support the banking sector, the media, the FMCG industry and many others. We invest in valuable social initiatives. In 2014 we found ourselves among the leaders of the training market in Poland. We took 11th place in the ranking of training companies by Gazeta Finansowa. This is a signal for us that we took the right direction years ago. And also a reason to continue in this direction.

We conduct training courses in the form of extensive, long-lasting academies as well as one- and two-day training courses on a selected topic.

Our three areas of activity:

  • Training with games
  • Trainings for the industry
  • Training games

Employee Integration Events

We believe in an individual approach to the needs of each group – the team building needs of each team are different. Dlatego też proponujemy innowacyjne rozwiązanie: trzy główne ścieżki integracji – każda skupia się na nieco innych potrzebach twoich pracowników –…


MindLab Online

MindLab Online is a collection of products designed to support our clients in the changed business reality. Using our experience from stationary training and coaching know-how, we have designed a number of activities aimed at strengthening key…


Manager’s Academy

The Academy of Managers is a comprehensive training program that develops the managerial skills of people in leadership and managerial positions. The program is open to both experienced and new managers.


Sales Academy

We created the Sales Academy for people who are professionally involved in B2B sales on a daily basis.


Academy of Personal Effectiveness

The Personal Effectiveness Academy is a broad set of training courses that develops the soft skills of employees.


Team Academy

The Team Academy has been created especially for people who work in teams and have to deal with the challenges of teamwork on a daily basis.


Trainings for Industry

We train comprehensively and at various levels of management. We share the experience we have gained over the years by researching, educating and developing employees in the industrial sector.



We focus on an innovative approach to training, which is why we are constantly improving our know-how and enriching our offer with new products At the same time, looking for optimal solutions, we always remain flexible. Rozwój uczestników szkoleń i organizacji.