Your Time

Which tasks to perform? When? Why does work-life balance matter? With the “Your Time” game you will show your trainees what effective time management is all about.

Your Time follows the popular theme of managing yourself in time, based on the concept of the Eisenhower matrix. The participants will be given tasks from the professional and private sphere and will decide which ones to undertake, which to do first and which not to do. By observing the results of their actions, they will understand on the basis of which criteria to set priorities and how to deal with others. They will see that constantly pursuing urgent and important tasks is a very costly strategy. And they will realize how dependent on each other the private and professional spheres are.

Game effects

  • the game shows the difference between important and urgent (as well as non-urgent and unimportant) tasks,
  • the game shows the costs of constantly performing tasks that are both important and urgent,
  • the game teaches how to select tasks that should be done personally from those that are worth delegating,
  • the game teaches how to prioritize the tasks undertaken,
  • the game allows you to experience the consequences of poor multitasking,
  • the game shows the importance of maintaining a daily work-life balance,
  • the game shows the interdependencies between work and private life.


  • self-management in time
  • personal effectiveness
  • Eisenhower matrix
  • task prioritization
  • work-life balance

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    Czas rozgrywki
    2 - 3 godziny (bez omówienia)
    Liczba graczy
    1 - 16 osób
    Gra może być prowadzona dla kilku grup jednocześnie.
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